Built for urban delivery

El trehjuling

Innovation, quality & true craftmanship

Freedom and possibilities. If you are a mail carrier who delivers letters or packages, a businessman taking a shortcut to a meeting or an adult learning to ride a bike again after an accident. We know that it is not a matter of course for everyone to be able to ride a bike. With our special disability bikes we try to push the boundaries and give more opportunities to more people.

A bike from Monark is a workhorse that can withstand tough times and guarantees long life. Monark's bikes are available in a variety of designs; everything from the old honest bidding cycle to scooters, tricycles and tandem bikes to the well-known mail bike. We are veterans of electric bicycles. In 1935 we manufactured bicycles with auxiliary motor and as early as 1995 we manufactured our first e-cargobike.


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